Saturday, 2 August 2014

Day Eleven

My last day here, it's been a busy one we've had all the normal things then blood samples, ECG, urine sample, I think they're giving us a once over with everything before we leave, like when we arrived.
I'm soooo excited to go outside tomorrow, I cant wait to eat fresh food and vegetables and go outside and breathe fresh air and be able to exercise! My eyes are getting very sore due to the constant artificial lights and looking at screens/reading books and I'm getting quite a stiff back but overall I can't complain about my experience, I like doing different things and trying something that you wouldn't expect that you would do who wants to do normal things all the time.. I'm taking it as a positive experience, I haven't felt very ill and not been too bored, it's been quite a peaceful time to myself however I suppose it depends on your outlook whether you enjoy your time.
Now I can afford myself a brace to straighten my teeth which I have wanted for ages :-) I would recommend going if you can handle the alone time and early mornings/late nights remember that you are here for the doctors so don't expect to be living in luxury 
Final day food...

Can't wait to be out there tomorrow! Haha

Day Nine and Ten

To be honest these two days were exactly the same-
woke up at 6 for blood pressure, throat swab, doctor nose and ear check, nasal wash, breakfast, lunch, blood pressure, nasal wash, dinner, blood pressure, nasal wash.
It's a bit of a routine that i'm getting really used to but the days are going slower as i'ts starting to be nearly time to leave,
These were my dinners...

Also for one of the lunches I got jelly as a snack! 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Day Eight

Today is my birthday, it's been a bit of a weird one but has definitely gone faster with lots of phone calls and skype calls all day, I always think on your birthday you expect that it should be a good day so you put too much pressure on it but today I didn't expect anything from the day and actually really enjoyed just talking to my friends I had a couple of cards to open this morning so I sat in my room alone eating breakfast and opening my cards which sounds really sad but was nice and quite peaceful. I had a really tasty tea of chicken tikka masala and then a slice of carrot cake for dessert!
The snack pile is seriously mounting up of things I have kept incase I eat them another time, it's been the same as usual on the medical front, they were in before 6 doing the same order of blood pressure , temperature, then nasal wash then breakfast, lunch, blood pressure, temperature, nasal wash, ECG then another blood pressure and nasal wash before sleep.
Happy Birthday to meeee

Day Seven

Any feeling of illness has completely gone today and I actually feel quite good considering I've been in a room for seven days! 

Nothing different happened today the usual of up early then another check before bed, it's like a routine now and I know what to expect all day. It's going to feel really weird when it's over and I can be outside, people are complaining that they don't get to do what they want when they want and get woken up at certain times and cant have whatever they want to eat etc but I really don't mind, it's just a different experience and its really quite peaceful in between to have time to do whatever we want i've been reading a lot which I never do and some drawing.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day Six

Same as everyday so far I wont bore you again, but we woe early for tests etc.
I'm not feeling great today, however have no symptoms of sneezing or anything, I can just feel that I have an illness like a bit stiff and tired with a muffled head. I can't work out if the achy body is from sitting around for five days or whether its because I don't feel well but it's making me want to just put the tele on and watch repeats of come dine with me and dinner date all day.
I'm really enjoying wearing no make up and not putting heat on my hair everyday- although I don't look great I dont care when I'm in here just tied my hair up and been using face masks aswell. My skin is starting to feel so much fresher because I've not gone without face make-up for this long for about six years!!
So considering I don't have much to write about today I will give you a preview of the room-

Monday, 28 July 2014

Day Five

The problem with having blood tests every day is that they begin to hurt when they do it in the same arm so today I requested they use my other arm and I remembered how blood tests are supposed to feel - painless!
The day began as the others but they seem to be waking us up earlier and letting us sleep later- they came in at half 11 last night and woke me up before 6 this morning, it's then difficult to sleep after that when they are coming in all morning leaving the light on and there is a lot of nurses about so they all talk outside the rooms sometimes quite loudly, they are all very nice and friendly though and mostly considerate.
The food was nice today, a chicken wrap then Roast dinner for tea. with lots of snacks, I'm beginning to collect a little pile of things I haven't been able to manage like crisps and muffins, I'll probably have a night when I feel ill and just pig out!

I don't feel ill yet but I can kind of feel it lurking over me in the back of my throat and in my head. I think a few people are starting to feel it, we have to fill out a symptom diary two or three times a day but I can kind of feel symptoms about to come but not enough to write down yet..

We were given coffee or tea for the machine today as we weren't allowed any hot drinks until now! It's wierd what people miss so much, I wasn't quite as excited but We have a group email thread where everyone is chatting and everyone was made up haha

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Day Four

Again we were woken before seven for out blood pressure and throat swab etc. Then at around two all had to push our beds so they were sticking out our doorways because we were being 'innoculated' which I am quite confused because I thought we were given the virus two days ago and yesterday.. so I dont actually know what that was, but today we all had to lie on our beds with our heads sticking out the doors. The plus side to sitting outside our rooms is that we get to have a good chat with the other volunteers. 
We were made to lay on our backs with goggles on, it was possibly one of the strangest experiences of my life having about five doctors crowded around me counting down to put drops up my nose, then sat with a nose clip on for half an hour. I had a moment of 'what am I doing here' haha but soon got over it.

The dinner tonight was deffinately the worst I've gotten so far I actually only eat the sausage.. this is an 'all day breakfast'....

I was woken again at almost 12 for some more checks, I suppose this is what were being paid for because they do just come in all day and we have to be ready at all times.